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CSL Professors win MURI Award
to build CyberOctopus

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“We believe that bringing autonomy to the next level will require us to learn from animals.” 

Girish Chowdhary, assistant professor of agricultural and biological engineering 
and the lead Principle Investigator of the project.

Our Objective

Our objective is to develop a computational analog to living octopuses, a CyberOctopus that adapts, learns, and evolves to novel tasks, situations, and environments. Our rationale is that this software suite will drive the convergence and synthesis of novel control theories and algorithms, simulation of soft-bodied creatures, and new insights into cephalopod neurodynamics enabled by unprecedented in-vivo sensing techniques. Overall, our efforts will provide a framework towards the integration of octopus biophysical principles into modern engineering design and control systems, and will form a solid foundation to enable further investigations beyond the time-frame of this MURI.

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Girish Chowdhary
Principal Investigator


Angie Ellis
Office Manager